Day Zero

Well, this’ll be fun. Before I officially start Anime A Day, I thought I’d take a second to talk about my approach to anime and the way I plan to write about it.

If I had to characterise my review style, it would be “characters and questions”. I’m not incredibly interested in worldbuilding or larger plotlines, but I’m very interested in the characters, their personal arcs and the short-term narrative questions that drive the characters forward. For example, I care about Harry and the letter, not Hogwarts and the stone.

Another note is that these aren’t recaps. I’m not going to waste my time or yours with a scene-by-scene retelling of each episode. I generally assume you’ve seen the episode I’m writing about and the episodes that come before it. Also, my memory is strangely fluid when it comes to media and I’ll undoubtedly screw up any kind of linear recital anyway.

Finally, there are two other constraints I’ll deal with when writing these reviews. First, I’d like to mix in a little “diary entry” style text where I talk about my journey watching all this content day after day. Second, because I’m doing these reviews daily they won’t be incredibly long. My guideline is 300-to-600 words, and I’m generally aiming for terse density over flowery length.

So that’s about it. To recap, here’s my review style:

  • Short, dense, 300-to-600 word reviews.
  • A focus on character development over plot.
  • No recaps or scene-by-scene retellings.
  • Personal “diary entry” notes mixed in with reviews.

With that out of the way, we can get started. See you tomorrow for Day One of Anime-A-Day.


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