Ouran High School Host Club – Intro

Less skating, more dating!

I had a lot of fun revisiting Yuri on Ice, and I thought it’d be a good idea to keep the good times rolling and revisit another anime I saw before starting the blog. But I’m still employing my philosophy of watching shows that are very different from each other, so we’re moving from an anxious, depressive, nail-biting sports drama to something a little more cheerful, casual and light-hearted.

It’s Ouran High School Host Club! I first saw this show somewhere around 2012, when I bought the DVD on the recommendation of a friend on IRC. (Boy, those are some old acronyms.) I only watched the first half of the season (episodes one to twelve), but I distinctly remember having a lot of fun with it, and being surprised by how kind and generous its characters were. So I’m pretty excited to jump back in!

So, starting tomorrow, we’ll be watching Ouran High School Host Club, episodes 1.1 to 1.26. You can watch the show on AnimeLab and Funimation, or buy it on Amazon. Also, be sure to subscribe to Anime A Day on TwitterTumblr or RSS to get daily updates when new reviews are posted. Thanks for reading!

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